O2 Customers can help Bruff RFC without any cost.

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Jan 302009

Following consultation with the O2 website we can now confirm that Bruff RFC is actually on the list of clubs who can benefit from the above scheme.  THIS DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING. IT IS FREE.

The closing date is the end of this month (with the possibility of it being extended) so please hurry.

The gist of it is as follows:

Anyone on an O2 Monthly bill (Not prepaid  at the moment) at absolutely no cost to the customer can donate 5% of their bill to the club. This money comes from O2 directly to the club, this is how it works:

If you have an O2 Pay Monthly Phone then you do the following:
1. Text the word RUGBY to 50308
2, You will then receive back confirmation that you are eligible to participate in the scheme.

3, you will then be asked to text the word RUGBY followed by BRUFF  to 50308. It is as easy as that, you do not have to be a member of Bruff RFC to enter so please talk to everyone you know on O2. However you must be an O2 Customer on Monthly Bill Pay. Private as well as Business Customers can take part.

You can also take part through the O2 website by clicking on the link below:

CLICK HERE: O2 Engage : Mobile Phones and Broadband : Telefonica O2 : Ireland

Not so quiet after all in the off season is it?

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Jul 022008

Isn’t the off season great? It allows for those of us that aren’t involved in trying to keep crazy fitness levels (like the players!) to unwind, relax a little and catch up with Non-rugby stuff, (Family, Work and other essentials like that). But just in case you think that club work ceases completely during the free time, remember that this time of year is when the maintenance work takes place on the pitches and the general club facilities.

We’re putting the final touches to the place to get everything ready for the 3rd “Bull N’ Booze” festival on the 25-26th of July, ready to pay “homage” to the Heineken Cup which will be in attendance. We’re also upgrading the shower areas a bit, as well as other general housekeeping work needed around the grounds. The Training pitch has been extended quite a bit and has also been sanded, levelled and re-seeded. Again all is being done by our brilliant Development Committee lads who took on the job following their great job in floodlighting the place. While it will not allow two full games to take place there at the same time, it will allow two separate training pitches by rotating the goals through ninety degrees. Great credit is due to Alan, Jimmy, Mick and Eoin and the rest of the lads involved in this from the beginning. We know that this is (yet again) another time of change and new challenges, with the promotion to Division 2, it’s great to know that we still manage to come up trumps when it comes to getting things done. It does help the financial end of things when we can do stuff ourselves, but it nearly always seems to be the same few people involved.

All members should be notified before the end of July about the new procedures for tickets etc. Again we would ask that members please give us email addresses and mobile phone numbers when sending in subscriptions. I know I’m repeating this but it is extremely important that we have as many means as possible of contacting members; the easier you can make it for us to get you information, the better for all concerned, (especially when it comes to tickets!).

Next meeting of the Bruff R.F.C. Executive committee will take place on Tuesday 8th July at 8:00 p.m.

Even more Thomond park construction photos.

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Mar 162008

Continuing the series, The roof frame was being fitted on the second stand in Thomond park over the last week or so, so here’s a few photos taken during the fitting.

Click here to get to the slideshow