Site Navigation and use:

Just a few pointers in using the site:

Scroll down the front page to see the latest post in the major sections.

You can get back to the main site front page any of the following ways: by clicking on the top header graphic, the home link on the top navigation bar or the Club name just below.

Some posts may be classed as “Sticky” or as an “Announcement” and may stay on the front page for a specified length of time. This is strictly reserved by the site administration for urgent posts only. If this happens, newer posts will appear just below. Keep an eye on the “Recent Posts” list which appears on any individual page to be sure you have seen the latest stuff.

Clicking on the permanent link (Maroon) at the top of any post on the front page brings up the complete post and also any comments that may have been added.
To add a comment to any post, you can use the “add comment” box which appears below the list of comments. Standard notation such as “Bold” “italic” etc. can be used in making comments and any of the smileys can be dragged into the box anywhere as well by clicking and dragging. smiley

The other links clickable in the top navigation bar are static content which tends not to change too much, the second line of links are the stuff that changes on a weekly basis (Links to categories). it’ll pop up the last ten posts or so in any category.

Finally, if there is something you would like to see differently or something you think should be added then I would appeal to you to ask us, by contacting us on the email address,  or by just simply talking to us. We may be big auld gits but we don’t bite :-()