Website changes taking place

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Oct 202011

Hi Folks,
As part of the improvements we are making over the next week or so, we will be changing the appearance of the site. We may be playing with it quite a bit so please bear with us.
The idea of all of these changes is to make it easier for all of the people who will be uploading stuff as we go along. We hope to provide you with more and more content from all of the various sections of the club.

Apologies for website mess.

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Jun 162009

I upgraded the website software again over the weekend but managed somehow to miss the fact that one of the navigation panels on top had disappeared with the new WordPress software. Only for Gráinne spotting it it could have stayed that way for a while.
Anyway, We got it fixed this morning and even eventually figured out how to get them in alphabetical order 🙂

If you missed it then don’t worry the only difference is the layout of the navigation panel.
(Thanks again Gráinne).

May 282009
This is how it used to look

This is how it used to look

Well, it’s been a long time in the mix but we’ve done an upgrade to the site (As you can see).

The main thing was to revamp the navigation system to make it easier to get access to all of the different parts of the site. Let me know what you think, whether it’s easier to find stuff. The main categories are also viewable by scrolling down the main page. Picture posts will be available to the top left, and the latest post will be available in the main box here.

May 242009

Hi folks,

A few people have commented regarding the theme that is currently being used on the site and it’s difficulty in negotiating your way around, particularly regarding some of the older stuff that people are rooting through or looking for. With this in mind and while I have some time, I’m considering a change to the look and layout.

This will not affect the content, everything will still be there, merely rearrange the front page (in particular) and how things look once you delve a little deeper into the site, hopefully make it easier to find older stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day since it was put up.

I’m thinking of running a more “Magaziney” feel,  having recently very successfully transformed a Limerick based political/current affairs website. Basically, what this means is that you will be easily able to access all of the different sections of the site more or less with one click directly from the front page. a bit like the “Irish Times” or “independent” websites or some of the on-line magazine types. Things may go a little hairy from time to time over the next ten days or so, but in the end I hope to be able to give you all a far better looking, more usable site.

Now this is not just change for changes sake, it is designed to improve things. If anyone has any ideas for additions, now is the time to let me know. If you think some things should have more prominence, let me know. if you think something is missing, let me know. I’ll do my best to accommodate any and all requests, without too much guff or backchat. 🙂

Just add a comment to this page or send us an email if you have any suggestions to make, I’m going to stick this page to the front for the duration.



Today’s list of countries coming to

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Apr 222009

Just in case anyone thought I was taking the mickey, this is today as of about 17:52

Ticket draw results always get them out of the woodwork


Mind you I would love to know who is in Uganda looking for a ticket……

Country Hits
Ireland 5254
United Kingdom 554
United States 459
Unknown 221
Australia 44
Canada 43
France 41
New Zealand 26
Italy 21
Spain 21
Germany 17
United Arab Emirates 13
India 11
Poland 8
Switzerland 8
Belgium 7
Netherlands 7
Sweden 5
Czech Republic 5
South Africa 4
Greece 3
Romania 3
Argentina 3
European Union 3
Egypt 3
Finland 3
Russia 3
Brazil 3
Latvia 3
Ghana 2
Turkey 2
Japan 2
Hungary 2
China 2
Israel 2
Bulgaria 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Portugal 2
Pakistan 1
Belarus 1
Cyprus 1
Ukraine 1
Indonesia 1
Bolivia 1
Croatia 1
Singapore 1
Denmark 1
Kazakhstan 1
Sri Lanka 1
Austria 1
Norway 1
Viet Nam 1
Bosnia And Herzegowina 1
Luxembourg 1
Malaysia 1
Uganda 1
Hong Kong 1