O2 Customers can help Bruff RFC without any cost.

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Jan 302009

Following consultation with the O2 website we can now confirm that Bruff RFC is actually on the list of clubs who can benefit from the above scheme.  THIS DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING. IT IS FREE.

The closing date is the end of this month (with the possibility of it being extended) so please hurry.

The gist of it is as follows:

Anyone on an O2 Monthly bill (Not prepaid  at the moment) at absolutely no cost to the customer can donate 5% of their bill to the club. This money comes from O2 directly to the club, this is how it works:

If you have an O2 Pay Monthly Phone then you do the following:
1. Text the word RUGBY to 50308
2, You will then receive back confirmation that you are eligible to participate in the scheme.

3, you will then be asked to text the word RUGBY followed by BRUFF  to 50308. It is as easy as that, you do not have to be a member of Bruff RFC to enter so please talk to everyone you know on O2. However you must be an O2 Customer on Monthly Bill Pay. Private as well as Business Customers can take part.

You can also take part through the O2 website by clicking on the link below:

CLICK HERE: O2 Engage : Mobile Phones and Broadband : Telefonica O2 : Ireland

Weekly Stuff…..

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Jun 202008

Not Much to report this week either, it being off season and reasonably quiet, except the return of the adult players for a team meeting and some off-season running and gym work kicking off at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday (6th). Anyone that wants to come along should talk to one of the first team, it’s just something to keep them ticking over for the few weeks prior to the start of the season, knocking out the cobwebs and off season fried chicken curries……

There were quite a few things discussed at the first meeting of the new committee, not least the matter of the management teams for each of the adult teams and we are glad to announce that the teams have the core of mentors in place for next season. This is one of the most awkward jobs that the rugby committee faces every season and we are glad to report that we have a good start made fairly early this year. The next meeting of the new Executive Committee takes place on Tuesday 24th June next. Organisation for the coming Bull N’ Booze tag festival will be one of the main items on the agenda and we will be unveiling the new management teams for all of the adult squads to the public for the first time and will also unveil the new committee in its totality on that night as well. Also next week we will be doing an interview with the new first XV coaches and discussing with them their plans for next season and where they see the club heading into the future. This should be an interesting read and follows on from the interview conducted with the last coach which can be seen online on the website under the title of “The last welsh coach in the AIL”.

Subscriptions for the next seasons membership will be finalised on Tuesday night next also. We are getting this in place as soon as we can as it is expected that the demand for tickets for the upcoming game between Munster and the New Zealand All Blacks will be nothing short of crazy. This year it is vitally important that all applicants for membership give us alternative contact details such as email addresses and mobile phone numbers. With the chaos that ensues in regard to ticket allocation and membership we intend to streamline the existing system even further with online notification and email and text messages outlining applicants ticket allocations. Anything that can make Pat Gennery’s job a little easier will be much appreciated and this will also allow almost instant notification of any available “leftover” ticket allocations that may come up especially for those that are unsuccessful in the numerous ticket draws. Once the subscriptions are ratified we will immediately send out a newsletter to all members. We ask that as many applicants as possible get their subs in early before the usual mad rush in the weeks before the autumn international series and the early Heineken Cup games.

All news will be posted as it happens on the website www.bruffrfc.com and this season will see even more people contributing content. Within the next couple of weeks it looks like we will have to move the site yet again to cope with the demands on bandwidth (The third time in the last fifteen months or so) and this is even in the off season this time around. The move is also necessary to facilitate the provision of some online video links into the future. Anyway just a reminder to keep an eye on the website as well as the more traditional methods for news “As it happens” particularly in regard to the “Bull N’ Booze” over the next couple of weeks.

Anyway “Keep it in touch” (Bad Pun, I apologise…..)

AGM 2008

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May 302008

Last nights AGM was the biggest for quite a while with an attendance of well over 100 people. A testament to the good year that the club has had.

I hope that I didn’t leave anyone out of the Secretary’s Report, like I said, I was filling in as acting secretary on the night and it was the first one that I had done. I did however forget to slag off our good friend the happy hooker, Johnny and the big mention he got in a letter from our Banbridge friends to the club a couple of weeks ago.

On a personal note I wish to thank especially the people that proposed me for the position of PRO for the coming season and all of those that voted for me. I know that I am filling in quite large boots but I will endeavour to raise the bar even higher than it already is and hopefully when I leave, that things will be in an even better condition to those that follow. This is how I feel it should be done and I know that everyone of the committee members feel the same.

Anyway following the A.G.M. here is a list of the officers and committee of the club for the coming season. There has been some changes in personnel but as we head into the second division for the first time in our history we can assure you that the Executive Committee will rise to meet the challenges posed and will keep the club running in the professional manner that you are used to.

Committee 2008-09 Season

President: W. Conway
President Elect G.Hehir
Vice Presidents: R. Donworth
M. Cooke.
L. Carroll
S. Clancy
G. Malone
J. O’ Grady
Chairperson. P.Dunne
Vice Chairperson S. Clancy
Hon. Secretary A. Enright
Ass. Secretary M.O’ Callaghan
Treasurer G.Hehir
Ass. Treasurer S.Falvey
P.R.O. R.Leonard
Adult Reg/Mem. Co-ord M.O.Callaghan
Munst. Branch Delegate G. Malone
Deputy Branch Delegate J.Carroll
Fixtures Secretary. J.Wallace
Club Medical Officer. Dr. J. Ryan
Club Committee. J.Moran
D.O’ Brien
B.O’ Leary
B.O’ Donnell
Bar Secretary. N.P.Cooke
Trustees N.P.Cooke
W. Conway
Club Coaching Director P. Gennery
Disciplinary Committee. M.O.Donnell
Club Captain Cathal O’ Regan.
Vice Captain Brian Cahill

Bruff R.F.C. Victory Ball Dress Dance Photos

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May 202008

The Ballroom

Yeah, We had a great night, Singing, eating drinking, dancing, wattles on Show, Handipak in flying form and the place was spectacularly laid out for the Dinner.

Food fabulous, Men well togged out, women absolutely gorgeous, what can we say, it was Bloody Brilliant, and a pity we don’t do it more often.