Panoramic Photo of Finished Thomond Park at night

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Oct 122008

Now, following on in the series, I took a load of shots prior to the kickoff last Friday night and scrambled this panorama together earlier this evening.

After looking at it, I should have moved to the middle of the pitch to balance it out, and waited until the crowd came in, just as well I didn’t though as with the malfunctioning turnstiles, I would have been clubbed insensible trying to stand up to take this when the patrons actually managed to get in. I was supposed to be in one of the non-existing seats that got moved from the east stand behind the press box to the west stand…..

I personally don’t think it’s good enough but If anyone wants a print, it comes out at about 870mm (nearly 2 ft 11 inches) wide by 175mm (nearly 7 inches) high when printed at 300 dpi (Photo quality).

I’ll return to do another one at a later date, I’ll also try and do a daytime one.

Click on the picture for the web version.

Thomond Park Panorama, Munster V Montauban 10/10/08, Prior to kickoff

Thomond Park Panorama, Munster V Montauban 10/10/08, Prior to kickoff

Jul 302008

I went out earlier today to have what could be one of the final looks at the stadium during the construction stage at the rate that building is ploughing ahead. Having read the piece in the Sunday World last week about how construction is going ahead on time and on budget compared to Landsdowne Road I had to have a look. As an aside, while reading the piece I had to do a double take, I could not believe my eyes, but there it was, stuck in the middle of a piece about a rugby stadium we had the stereotypical Dublin Journalist lazy reporting job that seems to appear in absolutely anything that may in some way be related to Limerick ” A city dogged by gangland killings trying to improve it’s image”. FOR Gods sake lads, can ye not just stop trying to deflect the fact that it’s bloody downright dangerous from all points of view to be living in Dublin compared to almost anywhere else in the country? How on gods earth has a rugby stadium got absolutely anything to do with Gangs?

Shane, you’re a tosspot. And you’ve just managed to lose a reader that had returned (Albeit briefly) after not bothering with your rag for many years,  I’m glad to say I will return to another read on a Sunday Morning.

Anyways after that rant about lazy Reporting by the gutter press:


Even more Thomond park construction photos.

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Mar 162008

Continuing the series, The roof frame was being fitted on the second stand in Thomond park over the last week or so, so here’s a few photos taken during the fitting.

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