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Aug 192008

This week sees a return to actual rugby for most of the Senior squad with their training tour to Birmingham, U.K. this weekend. Flying out on Thursday night, Friday will see them up for two training sessions in facilities very graciously provided by First Division Club Moseley RFC of Birmingham. Saturday sees the first game of the season at Kenilworth RFC, about three quarters of an hour outside Birmingham. Kick off TBC. Saturday night they have off to see the sights of Birmingham and do some local “Cultural” touring before they return on Sunday night. Have a good one guys.

The Centra Munster Rugby Summer Camp is also taking place at Bruff this week also, by the time you read this they should be almost done and dusted. I’ll have pictures up on the website and you  should be able to see more linked from the Munster website over the coming weeks.

U20 and Adult training as usual on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m.

This Friday night sees the East Limerick radio crew in the club for a function on the last weekend of their current licence.

Next Committee meeting on Monday 25th next at 8:00 p.m.

Experimental Law Variations: The Explanations.

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Jul 172008

Some explanations and links regarding the newly installed ELV’s (Lifted directly from the IRFU Site.)

Individual Experimental Law Variations

The following Experimental Law Variations will be implemented by the IRFU for the Domestic Game competition from August 1, 2008 for a 12 month trial

Each ELV is listed below (under the headings of the Law they are a variation of) with downloads


alternatively you can download a copy of the Full ELV Guide HERE


ELV Nr.1 – Assistant Referees are able to assist the referee in any way that the referee requires

Download ELV Nr.1 in PDF format HERE


ELV Nr.2 – In Maul remove reference to head and shoulders not being lower than hips

Download ELV Nr.2 in PDF format HERE

ELV Nr.3 – Players are able to defend a maul by pulling it down.

Download Video HERE

Download ELV Nr.3 in PDF format HERE


ELV Nr.4 – If a team puts ball back into its own 22 and the ball is subsequently kicked directly into touch, there is no gain in ground

Download Video HERE Download ELV4 in PDF format HERE

ELV Nr.5 – A quick throw in may be thrown in straight or towards the throwing team’s own goal line

Download Video HERE

Download ELV Nr.5 in PDF format HERE

ELV Nr.6 – There is no restriction on the number of players from either team who can participate in the linout

Download Video HERE

Download ELV Nr.6 in PDF format HERE

ELV Nr. 7 – The receiver at the lineout must be 2 metres away from the lineout

ELV Nr. 8 – The player who is in opposition to the player throwing in the ball must stand in the area between the 5-metre line and the touchline but must be 2 metres away from the 5-metre line

Download ELV Nrs. 7 & 8 in PDF format HERE

ELV Nr. 9 – Lineout players may pre-grip a jumper before the ball is thrown in

Download ELV Nr.9 in PDF format HERE

ELV Nr.10 – The lifting of lineout players is permitted

Download ELV Nr.10 in PDF format HERE


ELV Nr.11 – Introduction of an offside line 5 metres behind the hindmost feet of the scrum

Download ELV Nr.11 in PDF format HERE

ELV Nr. 12 – Identification of scrum-half offside lines

Download ELV Nr.12 in PDF format HERE


ELV Nr. 13 – The Corner posts are no longer considered to be touch-in-goal except when the ball is grounded agains the post.

Download ELV Nr. 13 in PDF format HERE

New First XV Management Team (AKA No room at the Gym…)

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Jul 102008

First Team Management, 2008-09

People ask what it is exactly that carries Bruff RFC from one season to the next in what used to be known as an “Upwardly Mobile” fashion. In one way I suppose I’m kinda uniquely placed to describe the different generations of Bruff players since it started. I played with some of the “First Bruffians” and finished with some of the current batch over a twenty five year period but I find it very hard to put it into words, to explain it to someone who isn’t involved. In hope of answers, I met with the new Bruff First XV Management team, Michéal Leahy (Manager), Cathal O’ Regan (Captain) Eoin Cahill (Head Coach) and Peter Malone (Forwards Coach) to sound out how they explained the Bruff phenomenon and to get a feel for where they saw the future of the club.

Now, you have to keep in mind that all four of these started their career in Bruff, Eoin playing all the way through from U8 to U20, Peter starting at U13, gathering Irish Community Games medals, they both garnered U16, U18 and U20 AIL medals along the way before moving on. Eoin went on to end up as Vice-Captain and sometimes Captain of Shannon, is completing his Level 2 Coaching Certificate and came back as Backs Coach last Season. Peter captained Garryowen, got a Munster Development contract under his belt, and represented Ireland as International Club team captain. They are laden with AIL Division One Medals, yet both (in their mid twenties) have returned to where it all began and will be involved in the Bruff Senior squad next season as player/coaches. Michéal is a former Club Captain, and after many years of service in the front row, moved on to manage the team successfully through most of the promotions of the last ten years. With them again this season is the reappointed captain and Hooker Cathal O’ Regan, whose career may have taken a different path, Bruree Community games team first before moving to Bruff U10’s, but again has the U16, U18 and U20 AIL medals to show for it. During the day he serves in the Garda Síochána in Anglesea St. Station in Cork but along with his teammates has a Division three league medal under his belt. This mixed group has come together for the first time in seven years, but this time around in a Bruff Club in Division Two of the AIB All Ireland League.

I first asked the newly appointed coaches how they felt they would cope with taking charge of guys that they have played with over the years: Peter simply stated “These guys will be honest, hard working, fair and straight with us; they are a good well drilled squad with a great balance of a well varied attack coupled with an awesome defence. They find it easy to motivate themselves. Both them and the players that went before them have brought this club from Junior division 2 all the way to Senior division 2. Look, with the fresh challenges facing the club in division 2 next season, new opponents, the likes of Thomond and Old Crescent, motivation is not going to be a problem. I feel that there is very little difference between the top teams in Division 2 and the lower half in Division 1 and that’s our aim for next season, Top half of Division 2”.

Eoin just grinned: “They’re well used to me bawling them out, but seriously these lads are brilliant, you push them and push them again and still they don’t complain, everyone wants the same thing and they are all willing to do what it takes to get it. Basically the players want to be completely professional in their approach. Bruff has always been a club that others admired, we know that there are many clubs out there both junior and senior that want to emulate our achievements, the success we have had. The heart of our club is our underage, home grown players that have bonded and gelled into a unit over the years, it almost scary how they can read each other’s minds on the pitch. Everyone just knows where they are supposed to be and where everyone else is. It’s unique as a club in that sense. How many other teams in the AIL can honestly say that all but one or two of their players have been together for fifteen years solid? There’s not many. ” At this stage someone brought up the story about the interviewer from RTE, after the Match in Naas last season she asked who the Bruff foreign players were, the answer she got was “Those two over there, Liam is from Abbeyfeale, the Kerry side and Ger is from Kilfeacle in Tipp.”

Turning my attention to Cathal, I asked how he felt about working with the new coaches: “Everyone will be treated equally, there are no favourites here and with the new rotation systems everyone will get a fair crack of the whip. These fellows (Peter and Eoin) are the ultimate professionals, they bring a vast store of experience and knowledge back with them and even though it’s a new departure for Bruff having two player coaches, it may well turn out to be the system that people will copy in other clubs. We’ve always done things our own way and at our own Pace. We want to consolidate our position in Division two first. Where we want to be is in the top half of the table at the Christmas break, if we achieve that then we can examine the goals again at the Christmas review.”

Finally I asked the team manager Michéal Leahy how the current Batch of players measured up to those we had played with over the years: “There’s no comparison. Look in the door there, when were we ever lifting weights like that? and that’s during the off season! They’re fitter, faster, stronger than we ever were, they put in a week’s work into this. Mind you there’s nutrition & diet training, individual programmes, we never knew any of that. Take Ger Collins there, he was in Australia for a year, came back home last night and here he is”. Then he smiled and as he walked into the gym to observe the pained expressions “We can’t tell them that though, can we? it’d give them swelled heads”

It’s true, as I watched from the door and listened to the banter inside, I knew that there was no room in that gym for Prima Donnas. They’d never handle the slagging….

Rugby Summer Camp and Underage Coaching.

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Jul 102008

Mon 18th Friday 22nd august, Rugby Summer Camp , 6-14 year olds.

More details will be announced later on in the month. Keep an eye out here for details.

Underage coaches are being put in place for next season, any new coaches or mentors interested in getting involved in any capacity this coming season should contact Pat Gennery or John O’ Grady on 086-3395925