Jan 262009

McInerney Cup Win for J2’s
The J2’s got their McInerny cup campaign off to a winning start with a hard earned 21pt to 20pt victory over Old Cresent in Rosbrien on Saturday afternoon.  Ritchie McAuliffe playing at full back scored all of Bruff’s 21 points chipping in with 2 tries and the rest from placed balls. Bruff led 13-3 at the break and soon after the interval went ahead 21-6. But Crescent were not going to lie down and fought back with 2 second half tries. Crescent had a kick to win the game with 3 minutes remaining but thankfully for Bruff Brian Clancy’s effort drifted wide of the left hand post.

Bruff 1. S O Shea 2 T Quirke 3 J Dunworth 4 P Fogarty 5 J Power 6 D Power 7 M Hennessy 8 B Croften 9 N McCarthy 10 D Clarke 11 M Fitzgerald 12 P Cleary 13 P Twoomey 14 J Guiney 15 R McAuliffe 16 S Sheahan 17 J McCarthy 18 B McMahon 19 A Godfrey 20 E O Shea 21 B Begley 22 D Barron
Old Cresent 1 B Quinn 2 L Browne 3 G Reynolds 4 S Burke 5 P O Connor 6 K O Brien 7 O Power 8 K Burke 9 B Hogan 10 B Clancy 11 M Callinan 12 S Conway 13 R O Rourke 14 D Caulfield 15 K McEvoy 16 A Geoghagan 17 S O Neill 18 T Pratt 19 J O Connor 20 M Kelly 21 L Dillon 22 S Borthwick

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May 152008

Load, Point rocket launcher at lower appendage, jump and Fire, blow yourself back to Junior Status………….

We used to call it a rocket jump or “RJ” back in the online “Quakeworld” or “Quake arena” playing days, it was the quickest way to get to a high or out of reach place or just get ureself out of trouble with a little backsplash damage from the rocket explosion. Sometimes it bacfired, you hadn’t enough health and the explosion killed ya, Ohh the memories……..Nights wasted blowing the oline enemies to pieces…..

Well, to me it’s the most apt comparison I can make in regard to the antics of Monivea. After all the hard work in Connacht junior 1 league, then to go through the round robin and end up second, gaining another shot at senior status again by beating the second from bottom Senior Div. 3 team, they go and play an illegal player and fake a name or two on a team sheet. Caught by video camera., oooooooer…

You couldn’t make it up could ya????? Shoot yerself in the foot. And it’s such a hard step up to make, it took us three attempts….

Anyway it looks like Mailo’s Waterpark are back in Division 3 (pending an appeal of course….) Let any others who attempt the same in the future beware, WATERPARK REALLY WATCH THEIR VIDEOS..:-)


Miss Limerick in His apartment, and Dublin 4 Slagging: This weeks Hookers Diary

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Apr 232008

Bring the Miss Limerick back to his apartment for tea, and Abusing a Ross-O- Carroll-Kelly-alike, nope we’re not gone mad, it’s just probably the last instalment of the season of :

A Hooker’s Diary . . . with John Hogan – Limerick Today

Apr 182008

Someone has been leaking some nicknames to the guys running the IRFU Website, as you can see from the preview up on the website today.

They put us slight favourites (I think) depending on how you take the last couple of sentences. Whatever way it pans out, Tomorrow is going to be the toughest test of the season. It’s all or nothing……

Good Luck guys. We’ll be roaring as usual.

Irish Rugby : AIB League Match In Focus: Bruff v Instonians

Link to the Naas match clip on RTE.

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Apr 172008

Just a quickie that I had meant to put up earlier on but just hadn’t gotten around to.

There is a video of the full game going around as well if you want to have a look. Contact Mike O’ Connor as far as I know.

To see the clip you’ll need to have realplayer installed.

Click Here To see the “Against The Head” clip.