May 152008

Load, Point rocket launcher at lower appendage, jump and Fire, blow yourself back to Junior Status………….

We used to call it a rocket jump or “RJ” back in the online “Quakeworld” or “Quake arena” playing days, it was the quickest way to get to a high or out of reach place or just get ureself out of trouble with a little backsplash damage from the rocket explosion. Sometimes it bacfired, you hadn’t enough health and the explosion killed ya, Ohh the memories……..Nights wasted blowing the oline enemies to pieces…..

Well, to me it’s the most apt comparison I can make in regard to the antics of Monivea. After all the hard work in Connacht junior 1 league, then to go through the round robin and end up second, gaining another shot at senior status again by beating the second from bottom Senior Div. 3 team, they go and play an illegal player and fake a name or two on a team sheet. Caught by video camera., oooooooer…

You couldn’t make it up could ya????? Shoot yerself in the foot. And it’s such a hard step up to make, it took us three attempts….

Anyway it looks like Mailo’s Waterpark are back in Division 3 (pending an appeal of course….) Let any others who attempt the same in the future beware, WATERPARK REALLY WATCH THEIR VIDEOS..:-)