Bruff Lose 2nd time around to UL Bohs.

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Sep 292007

In the Munster Senior Challenge Cup, a slightly depleted first XV never really got going today, UL Bohs were just about better all around. Ian Hanley and Barry Murphy showed flashes of brilliance at times but the seemingly almost non-stop giveaway of penalties by the Bohs pack in particular will give their coach much to ponder in the coming week. They have some work to do if they are to repeat their efforts from last season. We were rather surprised on the sideline that the referee didn’t card a couple of them for consistent fouling. (That’s just a comment in general by the way, it had absolutely nothing to do with the scoreline except maybe to allow Bruff some respite).

Bruff’s lineout didn’t seem to get going at all and they managed to give away most of their lineout ball. When they mixed it in the tight they were more than able for it and managed on quite a few occasions to make some ground but the usual second half kick never materialised, despite being down by a mere 12 points at half time. (They won from a similar margin last weekend).

Anyway, Scoreline UL Bohs 24, Bruff 12.

I have some pics I’ll stick them up later on on the weekend.

Website Upgrade Successful.

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Sep 292007

Righto, the upgrade to the new site software (WordPress 2.3 + plugins) is reasonably successful.

One or two minor tweaks needed but overall things are looking good.

I may change things around over the next 48 hours or so but it shouldn’t affect anything.

It’s been a great dozen years or so, look forward to the next dozen.

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Sep 272007

It struck me earlier tonight that in the last month the first XV have beaten three Senior clubs from divisions above them, one Former division one team now playing in Div. 2 and two Div. 1 clubs. As little as three years ago these teams were beating us by 60 and 70 points in the Senior Cup.

Now I remember some years ago being at a game in which the last penalty decided whether we would be demoted to Junior Division three and discussing the ramifications of that in Keatings bar well into the early hours of the morning with John “Bull” Hayes, Pat Dunne, Pat “Scoby” O’ Callaghan along with our host Ger Whelan.

In the years in between we have won under 16, under 18 and under twenty All-Irelands. We have taken on the most famous, most glamorous and have come through. We have numerous Community games wins, We have won all of the Munster under-age competitions and Munster Junior competitions (except the Junior Cup which evaded us, due in no small part to the great rivalry with Nenagh Ormond). We have been through three AIL Round Robin series having won the Munster Junior league three times, qualifying finally on the third attempt with a clean sweep. In the three years as a senior club we are reigning Division three champions and have now laid our hands on the Limerick Charity Cup, both for the first time. We have a referee in the International and Heineken cup series, we have had players or former players on all of the provincial and National representative sides, including Lions. We have had former players return to play in their own provincial leagues in the southern hemisphere.

We have a great solid membership, a good clubhouse, fine grounds, nice facilities improving constantly, are getting match standard floodlighting to enable nighttime matches when we are required to do so. We have introduced the game of rugby football to many, many, primary and secondary schools throughout the county, where it had never been seen before. We have spread the good word and continue to do so.

We now “Box above our weight” on a regular basis.

When other clubs have folded under the pressure we have met all the challenges and have raised the bar constantly. We are recognised throughout the length and breadth of the country as one of the most progressive clubs in all facets of our development (It’s true, I’m not simply blowing our own trumpet).

We’re not doing too bad at all for a small little country club in the middle of County Limerick. We evolved, we did it our way (to paraphrase the great Frank). We need to keep evolving, together, changing to meet the challenges of the future as we have done in the past.

We cannot rest on our laurels.