Oct 192007

To follow on from this story gunman-faced-down-by-prop I heard a bit more in regard to the matter during the week.

It appears that while he was talking down the dopey git who was trying to rob him, he had his mike button on constantly and that every taxi driver in the Limerick area was converging on the location, as well as half a dozen paddy wagons and squads I suppose.

Anyway, I’m told by a reliable inside source that the weapon was dry-fired at Barry, cocked and dry-fired again and then he got a belt of it in the face for good measure, just before he proceeded to “Learn him a lesson” so to speak… Unluckiest unarmed, armed robber of all time is how one mate of mine put it… C.S.I. and forensics are looking for the last few pieces of him as we speak……. G’man Barry.
But seriously, he’s one lucky fellah yer man either had no bullets or was such a dope he couldn’t work the thing…….


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