Oct 162007

 This comes via Sham who has been emailing it around (him being a prop an all….)

The guts of it is that some English bloke attempted to shake down Taxi Driver Barry Hurley, 45, who captained UL/Bohs in the 1989/90 season and grab the takings for the night. He failed miserably by the way. Barry is quoted as saying that “Having propped down against the likes of Peter Clohessy and Gerry McLoughlin, this fellow was only a pussycat.”

Full story Below.

Irish Examiner | Irish News | News from Ireland


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  2 Responses to “Gunman faced down by prop….”

  1. Indeed. And what’s more, Barry collected myself and Wrinkly Joe from a party at Old Crescent withing ten minutes of his run-in with the scumbag.

    What a professional!

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