Oct 132008

We would like to congratulate the Bruff Hurling team who won their Intermediate County Hurling final last Sunday against Caherline thereby gaining promotion to Senior from next May. Well done to Manager John Mulqueen, Selectors Ger Browne, Jimmy Burke and Paul Finn and to Captain Mike Weekes and the players for their fantastic work which has paid off. As Ger Browne’s text said over the weekend, “We’re All Senior now…..”

Nov 262007

Came across a link on Bocktherobber.com earlier.

The site is standupandbuild.com and has loads of time lapse videos etc of the construction to date.

Click here for the link

EDIT: It appears that this site has been “Withdrawn????” Don’t know what the story is so you’ll hafta just do with the photos stored here!

Nov 232007

Another photoset in the series. 23rd November, 2007. Third roof section goes up over the Popular Side. The welding is going on as well locking the three roof sections together into one continuous steel frame and as you can see there is blockwork going on in under the stand itself. By the way the connection of the frame to the base is a “pin joint” from a structural point of view.

Anyway click the link below to get to the Photo gallery of day three.

Click Here To Get to the Gallery.

Nov 222007

Righto, along the theme of Thomond Park (Or “New Limerick Stadium” if you like what they’re trying to name it) I’ve linked to another set of photos at the bottom of the post. This shows the Second Part of the roof Frame over the East Stand (Former “Popular Side”).

There is a couple showing the construction on the West Stand (The Former Stand Side).

Have a look at the little green box hanging from the crane over the frame. There was two guys in it welding the two parts of the roof frame together, standing in the box. The Big Round Concrete cone shaped lumps, (which I thought were for the new light pole Bases) seem to be the bases for the bottom of the Roof frame. There’s some nice steelwork going on on the top floor too.

Anyways click below if ya want a look.

Click here to view Part II

I’ll probably make this a fairly regular feature as the work progresses.