Jan 022008

Yes, Yet again the exiles managed to (Load), pack , piece together a makeshift team of misfits and pull off another win on the Annual Stephen’s Day outing.

As you can see from the photoset LINK HERE, the misfits were of a kinda higher caliber of misfits this year. Again please note the link is definitely not dialup friendly, broadband recommended as I’ve included a suitable backing track to the slideshow…….
Anyways final score as far as I can remember was Exiles-35, President’s XV-24.

Another coup for old man Howardy…….

P.S. Howardy, if ure looking, Let me know which ones you want the full version of and I’ll link them here.

==EDIT== By the way did ye know that Bourky went training with the First XV on Stephens Morning inside in U.L. , played in the  Exiles game and then went to the front pitch to play in the Reindeer Tag tournament?????  Man of Steel indeed!…….


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