Feb 052008

Could you take a couple of minutes of your time and leave feedback to the following suggestions for site improvement and what direction we wish to take this place:

You can just leave a comment by clicking on the comment links above and below the post.

I am wondering whether anyone would be interested in the following:

  1. Having a “Forum” type page on the site where people can discuss matters to do with the club, the town or just rugby in general.
  2. Whether you would like to have the ability to have or create your own “blog” or page at bruffrfc.com (along the lines of having your own joebloggs.bruffrfc.com address for your own personal blogs.)

The first one would need a few people to become forum moderators,which would basically mean keeping an eye on postings to make sure they are in the correct format, on topic, clean, correct for this site and not spam postings. (And maybe mediate in the odd row).

The second one will need a major amount of setup but would mean that those of you who don’t have your own personal blog could have it hosted here. I would envisage that this would be free and would be paid for by advertising or sponsorship if any small cost was involved to us for hosting etc. THIS IS A LARGE UNDERTAKING and I would need some serious support for this if it was to go ahead.

Please let me know what ye think by leaving comments to this post, I’m going to leave it up AS AN ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR SO.

Also if you have any other suggestions please leave a comment here as well. All ideas good or bad, are guaranteed at least five seconds of my time before binning 🙂




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  3 Responses to “Ideas for the future of the site. I need feedback please..”

  1. i think a forum would be a very good idea, Shannon had one for yrs but unfortunalty moderators were few and far between and the site got out of hand , but good idea none the less , best of luck

  2. Hi Gráinne,
    There would be less work with that but like I said there would have to be moderation by a couple of volunteers to keep an eye on the post content.

    Personally, I kinda fancy the idea of people being able to have their own personal bruffrfc.com blogs but if there is no interest it’s not worth the substantial amount of work involved.

  3. Forum would be a great idea

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