Sep 222015

In the finish it turned out to be less of a complete house move and more like shifting some stuff from one apartment to another within the same building.

Thanks to the guys at Blacknight it looks like everything ran smoothly enough (I can’t recommend them enough, I use no-one else).

There was an issue with emails earlier today but overall the site seems to have walked around, kicked the tyres, rolled its eyes, pursed it’s lips, grunted a bit, agreed to sort itself out and got up and running again.

If anyone spots anything weird over the next few days you might drop me a line at and let me know.

I’m particularly interested on how things are working on mobile units, (phones, tablets etc. )

Many thanks for your forbearance during this not quite so trying time 🙂

Sep 182015

Hi Folks,

Because of some issues that have arisen, we have to do a migration of the website over to a new server.

This is something that used to happen fairly regularly back in the “Mad Old Days” when we were getting daft numbers of hits daily and had to keep upgrading the servers to cope. It hasn’t had to happen for a few years but now it needs to be changed again.

In any case the only thing that you may notice is that the site may go flaky over the next few days at some stage during the migration, please be patient with us.

We are hopeful that all will go well without any major downtime, but you know Murphy and his law………

Bruff RFC Emails etc. should not be affected. (Hopefully). Please keep all fingers, toes and all other possible appendages crossed…



Clionas Foundation: Stars, Choirs & Carols Needs our Help Urgently at short notice.

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Dec 172013

Hi all,

I enclose a copy request asking for your help on this coming Thursday in Croke Park for the Guinness Book of records Record breaking attempt.

Brendan & Terry Ring along with their respective families are longstanding members of Bruff RFC and the club have had a long standing association with the Charity Cliona’s Foundation.

This coming Thursday from 4-9:00pm they are attempting to beat the world record for the most number of Carol Singers in one location and they have asked for our help in achieving this.

What they need is volunteers to give up a little of their time to help in stewarding the event. (Approximately 20 minutes during the show)

 While I know that it is extremely short notice, If you could forward this message, PowerPoint presentation, website, twitter and Facebook links to your club members emails and mobiles, put it on your twitter feed, Facebook page and website,  it would be greatly appreciated. They need to get over 300 volunteers to steward on the day.

If you can help by volunteering on the day, or in any other way, please contact Annette Cullen by email to or by mobile/text to 087-6292588.

We know it’s asking a lot at very, very short notice but we would consider this a great favour to us and our club.

The website, Facebook links, Twitter links, email address and Mobile number to contact are at the bottom of the attached email.

Annette Cullen []
Sent: 17 December 2013 17:53
To: ‘Richard Leonard’
Subject: RE: Stewards for Stars, Choirs and Carols Event in Croke Park


Hi Richard


As you know Stars, Choirs and Carols is an event to be held in Croke Park on the 19th of December. It is a Guinness World Record Attempt for the most number of Carol Singers in one place.  The event is being held for the Clionas Foundation which is a unique charity that provides financial support for families with children who are critically ill or suffering from a life limiting condition (you may have seen it on the Secret Millionaire in 2012 you can click on a link on the website to watch)


As part of the record attempt I need to have 1 steward for every 50 people which amounts to 310 stewards based on 15200 singers taking part no pressure eh?


I would be grateful if you could put a call to action out asking anyone that would be willing to volunteer on the evening between 4 and 9 to contact me on my  mobile number or my email address. They will be able to sit and watch the show and we will just require to perform the role of steward for about 20 mins. I will need them here from about 4pm to 9pm.


I have attached a powerpoint that you can use the content of as you see fit.


If you tweeting its @starschoirscaro


If your putting it up on facebook the call to action is for volunteer stewards.


The links to web pages etc are on my signature below and also in the powerpoint.  If you need anything else please just let me know.


Kind regards



Annette Cullen

Event Programme Co-ordinator


Stars, Choirs & Carols …….”Singing for Success” on behalf of 

The Sanctuary & Cliona’s Foundation

Mobile: 087 629 2588



Twitter: @starschoirscaro





Newly upgraded Software running the site.

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Dec 122013

Folks, The software running the site has been upgraded over the last 35 hours or so.

While to most of you seeing this on a standard web browser, you won’t see any difference except with the speed of loading (Hopefully) but those viewing on mobile devices will see a much crisper clearer mobile friendly version.

The main difference however will be the appearance to those of us that update the stuff in the background and it’s mainly the same with some small tweaks to the arrangement of the login pages and colour schemes .

Do not be alarmed, it’s all to the good, onwards and upwards. 🙂