Sep 222015

In the finish it turned out to be less of a complete house move and more like shifting some stuff from one apartment to another within the same building.

Thanks to the guys at Blacknight it looks like everything ran smoothly enough (I can’t recommend them enough, I use no-one else).

There was an issue with emails earlier today but overall the site seems to have walked around, kicked the tyres, rolled its eyes, pursed it’s lips, grunted a bit, agreed to sort itself out and got up and running again.

If anyone spots anything weird over the next few days you might drop me a line at and let me know.

I’m particularly interested on how things are working on mobile units, (phones, tablets etc. )

Many thanks for your forbearance during this not quite so trying time 🙂


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  2 Responses to “Site Migration complete, We’ve moved :-)”

  1. Glad our team were able to assist you in the move.
    If you need anything please let us know
    Michele, Blacknight

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