Sep 182015

Hi Folks,

Because of some issues that have arisen, we have to do a migration of the website over to a new server.

This is something that used to happen fairly regularly back in the “Mad Old Days” when we were getting daft numbers of hits daily and had to keep upgrading the servers to cope. It hasn’t had to happen for a few years but now it needs to be changed again.

In any case the only thing that you may notice is that the site may go flaky over the next few days at some stage during the migration, please be patient with us.

We are hopeful that all will go well without any major downtime, but you know Murphy and his law………

Bruff RFC Emails etc. should not be affected. (Hopefully). Please keep all fingers, toes and all other possible appendages crossed…




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  One Response to “Migration of website to new server (In English: We’re Moving House).”

  1. Good luck to Bruffrfc with you new move. I’m sure all will be great

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