Apr 212007

Now, from this moment on you can login to the site using your mobile or PDA and you will get the latest news as it goes up on the site. The plugins used will create a phone or PDA friendly version of the site automatically for you. The website address is exactly as on the web reader, www.bruffrfc.com.


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  2 Responses to “bruffrfc.com Mobile and PDA versions are up and running.”

  1. Why thank you sir. You’re right about the nordies though, Anyway with a bit of luck we’ll bring home a bit of silver from de dubs next weekend.

  2. Jesus, that’s a great improvement. Fair play, lads, ye did great work on the site.

    And fair play for winning 29-3 today too.

    Tis a pity ye couldn’t have done that kind of thing sooner and maybe them fekkin Nordies wouldn’t be going up instead of Bruff.

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