Aug 242007

RTÉ Sport: Ireland 23-20 Italy

Now, I have seen many bad displays from the Irish team over the last twenty years and I think that this has to be one of the worst ever. No energy, no creativity, Nothing to show for what in the finish ended up a travesty with the granting of that try by Derek Bevan (Whom I have always had the greatest respect).

I have looked at it over and over and I am convinced that O’ Gara lost control in the field of play and that the ball travelled forward over the goal line and hit the ground before he touched it, thereby a knock on. I am very disappointed for the Italians but them’s the breaks. It’s just as well that this meant nothing and that no-one was hurt.

I can only hope that looking back at this gives them some B**ls for the game against Argentina but the way they played tonight Georgia and Namibia are looking suspect. Can the loss of one man account for such a change in displays? If so, we’re in big trouble if anything else goes wrong and someone else gets hurt.

I’ll tell you, I’d lay money on the Italians coming out of the Scotland/All-blacks group if the odds weren’t so low.
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