Aug 262007

A scintillating 5-0 win over Charleville in the first home game of the season. We had the delightful view of Eoin Cahill as referee, Badger as Out-Half and even the infamous Máirtín making a return to number 8. Then to crown it all off (Break out the holy water) J. D. togged off after bringing his youngster with him. Trevor came out, togged off and replaced him at half time…., what will we have next, will the Davv Herlihy be making an appearance in the early season, to match his younger brother on the opposite wing???? I can hardly wait……Exciting times indeed (Hey, maybe we’ll even see Paul O’ Shea or Young O’ Malley and some more returning to don a jersey, stranger things have happened).

Well done to Des Power on his recruitment skills, We’ll hafta promote him.

The Season has officially begun!


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