May 092009

A poem written by Ray O’Brien, a tag rugby player from the team Tottally Inform Taggers:-
Week 5 approaches and the legs feel strong, the thought of charging over another group nearly derives a song,
12 TITS stand together with determination on their faces, about to put that Kellogs Pun through their paces,
This Special K team are a team of teachers, pity they will spend there night weeping on the bleachers,
Now youth is something they have on their side as their average age is 25,
But wait don’t check your run, as we have Chief Running Bear O Driscoll driving us on,
Fast Hands Michael will break down the team with his snipping runs, not from his bum!!
And you’ll have High Tower Mikey with our Fag dispensing victory dance as he lays his ball on the line (Rugby Ball that is)
To finish them off I propose the milk, this will make them soggy and surely they’ll split,
to allow our beautiful backrow of ladies to drive through and score, for a 9 point victory wouldn’t want more!
So Cheers TITS cheer and Shake I beg, for Its victory that awaits us, when this shower of taggers are bate!!!!!!


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