Aug 172007

Maybe the logic of this escapes me, but what Muppet decided to take the guts of the full Irish first XV and line them out against a French Club squad to allow them a free crack at the people most likely to be their countries’ principle opposition in the world cup in three weeks time? Leamy out with a shoulder injury and “Captain Fantastic” out for god knows how long with a busted cheek? Whose brainwave was this? It’d be like us having a training session against Wanderers a fortnight before the final last year for god’s sake.  Bloody Hell, if the French brought the first fifteen to the “Killing fields”, what would it have been worth? You’d get ten grand surely for busting Chabal…… They’d round up a collection outside the gate, mostly of husbands whose wives drink in the Sinbin by all accounts…… | O’ Driscoll taken to hospital after Bayonne match

Sky Sports | Rugby Union | News | World Cup scare for BOD


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