Apr 212008

Bruff 23, Instonians 32.

We knew it had to come to an end and in my humble opinion it couldn’t have been averted. Bodies were sore, players went into this match and played with broken bones, some tried to but couldn’t. Backlines and half back pairings had to be rearranged. Aside from all that, It has been brilliant. The years objectives had all been achieved, even though we’re sickened slightly but know that it had to happen.

From mid-season it was obvious that It was always going to come down to this day and even though we had managed to come through the league version of this top table heavyweight match, Saturday was just a bridge too far.

Before the game, the Instonians boys had told us in the pre-match function that everything was going to be run, and it was. What really showed the character of the Bruff squad was that even though they were on the receiving end of a three try drubbing in the first half, right until the last five minutes it could have gone either way. If we were going to lose, I’m glad it was Instonians and I’m glad it was the final. There could have been no more fitting place for it to happen. It showed the rest of the AIL the best that both teams had to offer and what lies in store for next season from the “New Kids” on the block.

Watching the Division 2 final that followed on afterwards, two thoughts entered my head, the first that we should have absolutely no problem in Division two next season as in my opinion either of the division three teams that played in the final could handle the division two finalists (That may be seriously biased!!) the feeling kept coming into my head that next year could see a rematch at the same time and same place.

Anyway well done Instonians, We’ll look forward to our next encounter, although we’ll have to see where that will be played during the league phase of division 2 next season.

To our own guys; players, coaches & back room staff, a sincere THANK YOU. It has been a privilege and a pleasure, and I’m not alone in saying this as can be seen by the standing ovation from the Bruff Horde at the end of the game. Roll on Division 2. First though, I’ll have to go through the withdrawal symptoms for a few weeks. It’s been delayed until now by your success.



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