AGM 2008

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May 302008

Last nights AGM was the biggest for quite a while with an attendance of well over 100 people. A testament to the good year that the club has had.

I hope that I didn’t leave anyone out of the Secretary’s Report, like I said, I was filling in as acting secretary on the night and it was the first one that I had done. I did however forget to slag off our good friend the happy hooker, Johnny and the big mention he got in a letter from our Banbridge friends to the club a couple of weeks ago.

On a personal note I wish to thank especially the people that proposed me for the position of PRO for the coming season and all of those that voted for me. I know that I am filling in quite large boots but I will endeavour to raise the bar even higher than it already is and hopefully when I leave, that things will be in an even better condition to those that follow. This is how I feel it should be done and I know that everyone of the committee members feel the same.

Anyway following the A.G.M. here is a list of the officers and committee of the club for the coming season. There has been some changes in personnel but as we head into the second division for the first time in our history we can assure you that the Executive Committee will rise to meet the challenges posed and will keep the club running in the professional manner that you are used to.

Committee 2008-09 Season

President: W. Conway
President Elect G.Hehir
Vice Presidents: R. Donworth
M. Cooke.
L. Carroll
S. Clancy
G. Malone
J. O’ Grady
Chairperson. P.Dunne
Vice Chairperson S. Clancy
Hon. Secretary A. Enright
Ass. Secretary M.O’ Callaghan
Treasurer G.Hehir
Ass. Treasurer S.Falvey
P.R.O. R.Leonard
Adult Reg/Mem. Co-ord M.O.Callaghan
Munst. Branch Delegate G. Malone
Deputy Branch Delegate J.Carroll
Fixtures Secretary. J.Wallace
Club Medical Officer. Dr. J. Ryan
Club Committee. J.Moran
D.O’ Brien
B.O’ Leary
B.O’ Donnell
Bar Secretary. N.P.Cooke
Trustees N.P.Cooke
W. Conway
Club Coaching Director P. Gennery
Disciplinary Committee. M.O.Donnell
Club Captain Cathal O’ Regan.
Vice Captain Brian Cahill
May 292008


Now for someone of my ilk, who doesn’t drink a pint, you might say that Thursday to Tuesday in Cardiff at the Heineken Cup Final between Beautiful beautiful Munster and the French artisans Toulouse would be torture, I’m not going to lie to you, it was, but torture of the sweetest kind.

That town welcomes us with open arms, it changes the names of the pubs for us, it opens apartments, clubs, pubs, streets, closes main streets to allow the Munster throng to walk as they like, it does all it can to facilitate what must be the most fabulous battalions of supporters the world is ever likely to see.

We danced, we sang, we screamed, we roared, we cried and we hugged Kilfeacle lads, Muskerry lads, Nenagh lads, the usual “Auld Enemies” from the north, south, east and west, from Leinster, Ulster, Wales, Connacht, London, Leicester, Scottish Borders, Wasps but for this one solitary weekend we all had only one thing on our mind, Munster, Glorious, Glorious Munster (To paraphrase Ryall Nugent).

I’m not going to try and emulate the many, many brilliant pieces that have been writen over the last few days, it would a pointless waste of time and it wouldn’t do them all justice. Arriving into Birmingham Airport (I know, don’t ask) last night we were cheered at times by ordinary everyday folk going about their business but seeing the jerseys “On Tour”. The word has spread.

We spent Two hours in the Munster tent with guys who had put body and soul into the previous hour and a half of trench warfare and they still, still couldn’t believe what had just taken place less than 200 metres from where they stood. Rua Tipoki and Dougie Howlett turned to me after posing for a photo and Rua said said, “It was ye, your voice is gone, we weren’t running on the pitch, we were walking about three feet off the ground, You all did it, we just were the twenty-two on the grass”. Ad further homage from a man who is carrying the record for the highest tries scored in the Super League, His parting shot as he turned around to sign another tee shirt and stand for another photo was ” The All-black or NPC supporters were never like this”

Anyway onto the photos….. The ones I took at least. I’ll have a link up to Johnny Hogans and Bocks stuff later on today.

Be warned!! there’s a load of photos here 🙂 If you’re not on Broadband it will kill your computer…..


Well, Munster bring Rugby season finally to a close.

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May 222008

This weekend is it, Heineken Cup Final, Cardiff again, we’re going for 5 days dunno bout anyone else but it appears as if Limerick will have tumbleweed blowing through the streets over the weekend until the y come from all around to the big screens on saturday. After that She’ll be rockin’ I’d say, (Hopefully).

We’re bringing our season to a close with the A.G.M. next Thursday night. Today is the last day for nominations and motions and unless I have them before 4:00 p.m. you’re out of luck for this year.

A.G.M. next Thursday 29th May at 8:00 p.m. in Kilballyowen Pavilion.

More after the weekend.

Bruff R.F.C. Victory Ball Dress Dance Photos

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May 202008

The Ballroom

Yeah, We had a great night, Singing, eating drinking, dancing, wattles on Show, Handipak in flying form and the place was spectacularly laid out for the Dinner.

Food fabulous, Men well togged out, women absolutely gorgeous, what can we say, it was Bloody Brilliant, and a pity we don’t do it more often.