Jan 072008

Playable Pitch?


This is after the pitch was “Cleaned”

You can click on the pictures to get the full sized versions. Please do….


I’m usually a reasonable man, A mostly patient man, I have been known to fly off the handle on occasion, usually in the face of stupidity or people who can’t or won’t listen to sense or reason. It’s well known that I’m rarely stuck for words, I can usually come up with a convincing explanation for most things when I have to or if I can’t then Geno can, and it’s usually far better than anything I could have dreamed of, BUT I’m afraid even I have to admit defeat….. I’m sorry, It rarely happens, But I’m man enough to say it.

I’m stumped.

I have been Royally Screwed, and I know it. They played a blinder. I wouldn’t do it to a dog…. or my worst enemy….

I’ve been three days thinking about this and I’m afraid that this is all I’m going to say on the matter………….

I kinda take these things personally…..

The rest of the pictures are HERE


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