Oct 072012
  • Full time score 10-42 to @UCDRugby #
  • Try mark mcgroarty converted niall earls. @bruffrfc 10-42 @UCDRugby #
  • Return second try for Jordan. Unconverted @bruffrfc 10-35 @UCDRugby #
  • Try in corner for Brendan Deadly. Converted Brian Carroll. @bruffrfc 10-30 @UCDRugby #
  • Try for sub Jordan Coughlan between posts. Converted Thornton. @bruffrfc 3-30 @UCDRugby #
  • Lovely individual dancing try by Sam Coughlin-Murray, converted Thornton.@bruffrfc 3-23 @UCDRugby #
  • UCD try alex Kelly, unconvrted. @bruffrfc 3-16 @UCDRugby . #
  • Halftime score @bruffrfc 3-11 @UCDRugby #
  • MAurice o'Connell.and Emmett McMahon both yellows for an off the ball incident. Both sides down to 14. Bruff two more off Wuthering blood. #
  • Try f disallowed for UCD for holding at lineout. Penalty on halfway to Bruff. Kicked for lineout. #
  • PEnalty for Bruff at scrum. Scrum taken. #
  • Penalty not releasing. Kick by Thornton. Bruff 3-11 ucd #
  • Penalty at scrum time. Brian Carroll kicks down the tramline to just outside ten meter line. #
  • Try Barry Daly UCD unconverted Bruff 3-8 UCD. #
  • "@UCDRugby: Bruff offside across the line, penalty UCD James Thornton UCD 3 – 3 @bruffrfc #ubl quot; #
  • UCD penalty for offside.3-3. #
  • Penalty to Bruff. Collapsing d Crum.3-0. Brian Carroll. #
  • Team meeting going on now. Starting to heat up after meal. Temp rising outside. Weather looks good. #
  • 3.5 degrees and fog when we set out this morning. #ubl against @UCDRugby in belfield bowl. #
  • When you get props from John Hayes you know you're doing something right. Congrats on the book Bull. You deserve the plaudits. #
  • Android app visible on main Bruff site. Views, ideas etc.. http://t.co/FKhC3CXr #
  • Getting things sorted for live tweeting of the match tomorrow. #
  • @damienmulley tell her you''ve been training….. weights etc. Those cocktails are heavy in one hand… 🙂 #

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