Best wishes to Referee George Clancy this weekend, First 6 Nations game.

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Feb 132009

All of us here at Bruff RFC would like to wish the very best to Bruff “Man of the cloth” George Clancy this coming weekend in his first 6 nations game. George officiates in the game between France and Scotland at Stade de France this Saturday with a 4:00pm (Local Time) kickoff. George is pictured at the back row first on the left in the shot below.

Click on the pic below for the full version of this shot of the entire squad on the High Performance Panel.

The very best of luck George from all of us.

IRB Elite Referee Squad

IRB Elite Referee Squad

The full list of appointments for the 6 nations is below.

7 Feb 15.00 England v Italy Twickenham, London M. Lawrence J. Jutge P. Allan N. Whitehouse
7 Feb 17.00 Ireland v France Croke Park, Dublin N. Owens D. Pearson D. Changleng G. De Santis
8 Feb 15.00 Scotland v Wales Murrayfield, Edinburgh A. Rolland C. White R. Debney G. Warren
14 Feb 16.00 France v Scotland Stade de France, Paris G. Clancy W. Barnes T. Hayes G. De Santis
14 Feb 17.30 Wales v England Millennium Stadium, Cardiff J. Kaplan A. Lewis P. Fitzgibbon S. McDowell
15 Feb 15.30 Italy v Ireland Stadio Flaminio, Rome C. White N. Owens R. Poite G. Hughes
27 Feb 21.00 France v Wales Stade de France, Paris M. Lawrence A. Rolland S. McDowell P. Fitzgibbon
28 Feb 15.00 Scotland v Italy Murrayfield, Edinburgh N. Owens G. Clancy R. Poite N. Whitehouse
28 Feb 17.30 Ireland v England Croke Park, Dublin C. Joubert C. Berdos P. Allan G. De Santis
14 Mar 16.00 Italy v Wales Stadio Flaminio, Rome A. Lewis D. Pearson D. Changleng G. Warren
14 Mar 17.00 Scotland v Ireland Murrayfield, Edinburgh J. Kaplan W. Barnes C. Damasco H. Watkins
15 Mar 15.00 England v France Twickenham, London S. Dickinson N. Owens T. Hayes N. Whitehouse
21 Mar 14.15 Italy v France Stadio Flaminio, Rome A. Rolland S. Dickinson P. Fitzgibbon G. Hughes
21 Mar 15.30 England v Scotland Twickenham, London J. Jutge (TBC) C. Berdos S. McDowell C. Damasco
21 Mar 17.30 Wales v Ireland Millennium Stadium, Cardiff S. Walsh (TBC) W. Barnes D. Pearson R. Poite

Ticket Draw for Ireland V France, Sat 7th Feb.

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Jan 272009

The following members have been successful in their application for tickets for the above game.

There are a limited number of tickets still available for the above game, please contact the ticket number only if you wish to apply. Tickets will be distributed on Friday and Monday nights next between 7:30 and 8:30 pm on these nights.

There are also 6 Tickets available for the Italy V Ireland away game on 15th Feb. If anyone is interested again contact the ticketline on 087-1386244

6            255
20            259
22            260
24            263
27            264
29            265
30            271
31            273
32            274
33            277
42            287
43            288
44            295
45            308
46            324
47            335
48            345
50            356
51            365
52            377
53            378
67            398
68            399
72            400
91            401
92            408
105            409
106            410
107            417
108            439
109            440
110            441
111            442
113            443
114            444
115            445
130            446
131            449
137            450
138            451
139            452
151            453
152            481
160            482
162            489
181            491
203            499
233            561
238            563
242            564
243            573
251            577
252            607
253            608
254            614

Oct 072007

God, I’m sickened, like me mate Bock

Now I know I said that the All Blacks might choke in an earlier post but it was in the context of Ireland being where Argentina are now. I hope to god we get an Argentina Vs France final and it’s quite possible, as to me it looked like Argentina never really broke a sweat in their closer-than-it-should-be tie with Scotland tonight. Mind you I have to agree with ShavyTrevy when he says that Scotland played the bench bloody well tonight, maybe there’s a lesson in there for someone?

Yesterday was something else wasn’t it. First the Anglo’s putting Australia to bed and then The whole of the bar at Dunnsers surprise party in Clohessy’s (Which was a great night BTW) were screaming for the french. A chorus of the Marseillaise was started by Gino (I keep telling him we have to learn the words, Da da daaa da, da, da, daaaaaaaa da, da just doesn’t cut it.)

Now, what about the 6 Nations Vs Tri-nations Argument huh? What hemisphere is going to take the Argies?

P.S. some rather rich comments were texted to Kynan who travelled to Cardiff to support his homeland, The Chick was in the middle of that, natch….