Floodlights fired up last Night.

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Dec 212007

Thanks to the trojan work by Alan Enright, Gearoid Foster, Jimmy Cleary, more lads from the Development Committee and the boys from John Keane Electrical, not to mention the Work done by the E.S.B. we finally fired up the New Training Pitch and Main Pitch floodlights last night.


Match Quality lights in Bruff R.F.C. , There were people who said it couldn’t be done, it was impossible, we couldn’t do it in time, or on budget, to all of the naysayers I wish a big


Come and see for yourself over the next week or so, we’re trying to get a game for the J1 XV for tonight week (28th Dec.), Under Lights , In Bruff………..

Floodlighting works nearly complete.

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Dec 132007

Phase 1 & 2 of the floodlighting works are almost complete and we have a link to a few photos HERE.

All credit for the above has to go in particular to Alan, Gearóid and Co. from the development committee who along with a few others at different stages have managed to complete all the groundwork and bases, cabling, etc. with absolutely NO disruption to the pitches, NO stoppage time. It’s a minor “work of art”, which will allow vastly improved lights for training to pitch three and four and AIL Match Standard lighting to the main pitch. Preparatory work for phase three (Front Pitch) is underway and will be completed as soon as timetables and Weather/game requirements allow.

Congrats and Well done to the lads for the trojan work done to date. That showed em, It’s both on time and on budget.

Light Column Bases completed.

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Nov 012007

Kind of unknownst to everyone as they say, It appears that Alan spent all of last Saturday pouring the concrete for the final three bases to the Light columns on the main pitch and training pitch. This means that phase 1 of the works is now complete, all that remains is the cabling to be run from the new mini-pillar at the side of the stand to each column and we are ready for the Contractor to move in. The gear is currently merrily winging it’s way from far off shores and will be delivered completely pre-aimed by computer ready to stand up. What this means that the poles will be bolted to the bases while laid flat along the ground, the light fixtures added to the top in one go and the poles lifted up into the vertical position using the internal hydraulic system, ready to rock apart from connection to the mains.

Again, well done to Alan. (He may have had a little late help from Gearóid as well I’m told.)

Oct 212007

Always known as a club that continuously strives to move forward, It’s quite fitting that the 200th post on the revamped website is about club development.

Following on from the appointment of Abacus Lighting and John Keane Electrical as the lighting contractors for phase 1 of the floodlighting works at the club, we can confirm that preparatory works took place at the grounds over the weekend.

Alan and Gearoid from the Development committee and some subbies put in some Trojan work getting the concrete bases for the new Floodlighting system prepared on one side of the main pitch.

The Holes were dug, pipes and drains were diverted, trunking was laid, cables were rearranged, Post holding bolts were fitted and twenty four cubic metres of concrete were poured, using an elevator for one base and a half tonne dumper for the other two, all on Saturday, continuing while the U20’s game against Cork Constitution was underway on the front pitch. It was completed finishing in near darkness at around Seven O’ Clock, when the footpath around one of the bases was finally re-instated and made good by Gearóid.

All of this work was down in a manner that while extremely slow and painstaking, allowed for minimal damage and disruption. The footpath under the main viewing stand and the stand itself remained undisturbed albeit with over 8 cubic metres of concrete (Over a truckload) being placed underneath to support the central lighting column. All machinery work and Everything else was done in the 5m space between the touchline and the railing on the Pavilion side of the pitch, thereby ensuring that there will be no down time for the pitch itself. This was the most awkward of the work as it involved the only bases that intrude onto any pitch and even more sensitive as it was the Main Pitch. The timing of course was important as the first home AIL game will take place there in a fortnights time. The remaining three bases to the main pitch will be on the side of the training area and will be much less troublesome to work on as there will be much more room.

The Bases to the front pitch will be situated in the car park on the front side and between the Leylandii Cypress trees on the away side of the pitch.

Thanks guys, a great days work.
Link to the Planning application on the Limerick County Council Website