May 192007

B League

1st – Tri Stars.

2nd – Kilmallock No Hopers.

3rd – Z Squad.

C League

1st – Derg.

2nd- Rucking Scrumbags.

3rd- Vicars & Tarts.

Blitz winners: Flying Donkeys.Knock Out Cup Winners – Co Co Nuts.

Wooden Spoon Booby Prize: – The T Team.

I’ll have a link up at some stage over the weekend to the presentation photos.

Many thanks to everyone that entered, Again we apologise for the chaos on the last night, Refereeing and other circumstances conspired against us and it ran on Waaay too long but I think that everyone enjoyed themselves and by all accounts the Sin Bin was rocking after everyone left the Rugby Club.

Just finally, please, please, please give us some feedback at the tag rugby email address or the webmaster email address and we look forward to  seeing you all for the Bull ‘N’ Booze blitz later on in the year. We’ll be taking bookings for that after the Club’s A.G.M. on Monday 28th, May as we are all tying up some loose ends for the AGM.


Let me say a big Thank you folks for making this, our first Spring League a great Success.


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  6 Responses to “Tag Rugby League and Mini-Blitz results.”

  1. Anyone got an email for Dan Slavin/ Niall Lynch ? If so email it through to !

  2. Oh – And Eoin, they also had Cheerleaders in Poland – remember????:twisted::twisted::lol:

  3. Just a quick word to say well done Grainne for organising a great tournament. It can only grow now! And well done to the lads for refereeing at short notice. Without them it wouldn’t have been able to take place. The IRFU better pull their socks up next year!!!! :mrgreen:

  4. Hey Eoin,
    Thanks for the feedback! Richard has posted a few shots of the prize giving last thursday and we’ll have a photographer around all day again for the “Bull n Booze” Tag Festival on 23rd June.
    Keep the suggestions coming in…..

  5. Did you see the photos taken by Niamh Nix of last years Bull ‘N’ Booze, click on the Old Site the following link:
    2006 Bull ‘N’ Booze

    EDIT: That sounded a lot sharper than it was meant to be, I just dropped a quick reply in passing, If you think of anything else, just Drop us a line and thanks for that Eoin,
    Any more suggestions anyone?

  6. Played a 10s tournament in Poland a few weeks ago and they had a photographer on site for the two days. Pics give people something to talk about (did you see my tackle, he’s some b****** etc) and thus keep Bruff in mind for next year!!!
    Just a thought.

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