Dec 042008

For those of you who wish to get automatic notifications when a post goes up on the site, if you have an RSS feeder installed like Google reader, Microsoft Outlook or any of the other free RSS readers (Not sure about outlook express) it’ll automatically update itself whenever a post goes up on the site. It’s a very quick way of checking if there are any new posts on all of your favourite websites rather than having to actually manually check each one. ( I actually use Outlook to check my feeds, and my phone has a feed reader built into it as well.)

Click on the feed links below the icons on the left hand side to set it up when you have a reader installed, the top one is notification for posts and the bottom one is to be notified whenever a comment goes up. The notification includes most of the text of the post but may not include any pictures.

Do a google search on RSS feeds if you want a better explanation or to download one of the many feed readers (They’re nearly all free).


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