Jun 252007

That’s what I’ve been in since Saturday night/Sunday morning. I’ve just about reconnected my brain and the rest of my body enough to put my initial thoughts down.

Good day all round, Many thanks to Grainne for a great organisation job, Mike Coughlan and Olly Hodges and the rest of the crew from the IRFU including all the Refs who did trojan work. Thanks also to Eugene and all our committee lads that made my job very easy on the day. Well done to Derry and the Doctor who ended up quite busy it seems. We had a couple of no shows/late shows but I think we managed to get everyone at least four games. Carl Spain did his M.C. bit for us at short notice as the big guy was unable to come due to late called IRFU commitments. We partied well into the night, again I was last home, I’m still well knackered.

Anyway the results of the leagues are as follows:

C League Spoon Competition:

Winners: Squires Liars, Runners up: Super Troopers.

C League Bowl Competition:

Winners: Merry Whistlers, Runners up: Cappa Pakika.

C League Plate Competition:

Winners: Kerry Kings, Runners Up:KC Tigers.

C League Cup Competition:

Winners: Running Wild, Runners Up: PACE

B League Bowl Competition:

Winners: The Dancing Frosted Lollies.

B League Plate Competition:

Winners: Rockers Revenge, Runners Up: Kilmallock No Hopers.

B League Cup Competition:

Winners: Limerick Exiles, Runners Up: Red Roosters.

Congrats and well done to all of you both winners, runners up and those who didn’t make the final cut. Again without you all we couldn’t have a blitz.

Please, Please, Please send us some feedback, tell us what you liked, what you didn’t, again I must stress be straight with us, If you don’t tell us we can’t change it. Tell us what you thought of the band, food, the layout, the number of games etc. just about everything you liked and everything you didn’t.

I hope that you all enjoyed your visit to Bruff R.F.C. and that this won’t be your last visit to our club.

I’ll get photos up as soon as I get them folks. just keep an eye out here. P.S. you might click on the voting links on the side to give the site a boost.




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