Dec 022008

Click the link below to get to the first batch of photos from the game last weekend.

Click Here for the Photos


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  One Response to “Photos: Bruff V Dublin University”

  1. Hello, I recirntly e mailed Mr.Conway in reguards to an invitation to your club to send one or two players to Wilmington North Carolina USA to play in our July 4th Cape Fear Sevens Tourniment. I am a co sponcer for a International team “GLADIATORS” who get together every year for a week of celibration and mortal combat on the pitch!!
    My family is from Bruff and I will accomidate a comftorable place to stay, and transportation for the week. As well as raise money to help pay or compleatly pay for transport from Ireland to USA. You can contact me via. e mail or feel free to call me if you like. Hope to hear from you soon as it will take time to make the nessicary arraingements.

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