Sep 152013

Following some feedback received that the site is too crowded when viewing on a mobile phone, I’ve spent the last month testing the new mobile theme and it appears to be working reasonably well.

What I need from everyone is to give it a run by simply going to on their mobile phone browser and seeing what version of the site is coming up for everyone.

I have it set so that tablets should see the newly re-jigged normal site as it would appear on a desktop or laptop computer (I have updated the navigation setup so that everything appears on the the one links menu) and that phone browsers should see the new mobile enhanced and simplified version of the site with a new mobile layout.

Please let me know by submitting a comment on the post below, the only way that I can know what the general consensus is, is if everyone tells me.

Now is the chance to have your say in how it appears. Only comments submitted on this post will be taken into account.




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