Nov 232008

These tickets have to be ordered by Monday 25th next before 2:00 pm as the order has to go into the branch at this time.

Contact the ticket phone before this time.


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  5 Responses to “Munster V Clermont Auvergne tickets (Away Game).”

  1. fair enough

  2. I think the club is doing great job regarding tickets.Keep up good work.You cant please everyone.

  3. My understanding is that the final total ticket allocation was not available for collection until mid-week.
    Until he actually had the tickets in his hand and knew exactly how many were available for the draw he couldn’t do it. We have had problems with numbers in allocations before and ended up telling people who had come out of the draw that there was no ticket available for them. We made a decision following the first instance of this not to do the draw until we actually had the tickets in our hands to prevent a recurrence and it’s worked very well to date. The only problem is when the ticket allocation is late from the branch and that’s rare enough.

    ADMIN EDIT: Also there has been a massive number of ticket allocations within a very short space of time (Three internationals and the all-blacks games) now along comes the Heineken Cup games again so everyone should cut both us and the branch a break 🙂 I understand that we looked for extra tickets to help make everyone happy. In fairness to the people involved, it’s a curse of a job, no matter what happens, someone isn’t happy.

  4. how come the ticket timeline procedures aren’t being adhered to? i.e. draw results being up on a tuesday, tickets available tues through thursday

  5. Any word on Clermont home game ticket Draw,

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