Sep 132007

For those of you that are either too young to remember it or just want to forget, I managed to get a copy of the original photo from Declan Hehir after a bit of research and can show you the Mural that started the ball rolling so to speak. It was back around 1989-1990 (I think) , Declan had the exact date as it was printed in the Leader at the time but I’ve forgotten it. This caused quite a stir as some people reckoned that such a “demonic looking creature” had no place next door to the Church, that it was an image of the “Divil Himself” but the hullaballoo died down after a while. Anyway here is the “Fairy Tale”. (Apologies in advance for the quality of the scan, the original print had the whole pub)
Bigger version of the Old Keatings Mural

Keatings Mural


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