Nov 012007

Kind of unknownst to everyone as they say, It appears that Alan spent all of last Saturday pouring the concrete for the final three bases to the Light columns on the main pitch and training pitch. This means that phase 1 of the works is now complete, all that remains is the cabling to be run from the new mini-pillar at the side of the stand to each column and we are ready for the Contractor to move in. The gear is currently merrily winging it’s way from far off shores and will be delivered completely pre-aimed by computer ready to stand up. What this means that the poles will be bolted to the bases while laid flat along the ground, the light fixtures added to the top in one go and the poles lifted up into the vertical position using the internal hydraulic system, ready to rock apart from connection to the mains.

Again, well done to Alan. (He may have had a little late help from Gearóid as well I’m told.)


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