Jan 192008

I’m sitting here at home getting the gear ready for Thomond Park later on tonight. Thomond Park Crowd

Down to the wire as usual with Munster, and not a straightforward down to the wire either (As usual).

Win and bonus point by 7:15 or so this evening and we’re on the campaign tour trail again. (I’m not going into the maths bit again, there’s a previous post for that CLICK HERE ).  The nervous anticipation has started. I can’t keep my mind on the things I have to do at home before I go  and I’ve not been like this since Cardiff. I’ve packed the camera gear about three times, keep forgetting what I’ve put in and have to keep taking everything out to check for a finish I’ve just dumped everything into the vehicle and I’ll sort it out when I get there.

I’ll get some shots up either tonight or tomorrow after the Bruff Vs. Midleton Match.


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