Oct 192011

The world cup is almost over, so its time to start thinking about our local Munster rugby team again.   The Heineken cup kicks off this year with a home game V Northampton on Saturday evening , Nov 12th.   As usual when Munster play any English opposition in the Heineken cup, a sell out game is a guarantee.

The usual procedure for ticket application will apply this year, where the raffle for tickets will take place on the Monday week prior to the game.

 However for this game only, we will amend our procedure slightly to reward those people who have paid the membership in plenty of time.   So the following will apply.

All those members who have paid their membership by next Tuesday Oct. 25th, and who have appled for tickets on line, or by texting 087 1386244 by that date, are GUARANTEED tickets and these can be collected at the club on the evening of Tue 25th or Thur 27th from 7.00 – 8.00 pm.   Membership number must be included  with name when applying.

Those paid up members who apply for tickets after Oct. 25th  will enter the draw for tickets on the
Monday before the game, i.e. Monday Nov. 7th.   


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  1. hi was just wounding, i sent my membership away last friday and got my membership card in the door today.Would i be entitled to get a HC ticket tomorrow night thursday??

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