Dec 132007

Phase 1 & 2 of the floodlighting works are almost complete and we have a link to a few photos HERE.

All credit for the above has to go in particular to Alan, Gearóid and Co. from the development committee who along with a few others at different stages have managed to complete all the groundwork and bases, cabling, etc. with absolutely NO disruption to the pitches, NO stoppage time. It’s a minor “work of art”, which will allow vastly improved lights for training to pitch three and four and AIL Match Standard lighting to the main pitch. Preparatory work for phase three (Front Pitch) is underway and will be completed as soon as timetables and Weather/game requirements allow.

Congrats and Well done to the lads for the trojan work done to date. That showed em, It’s both on time and on budget.


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