Bruff RFC on the telly tonight.

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Mar 122009

There are two stints, the first during the sports section of the six-one news, the second goes out just after on TG4.

Today we’re being visited by the delectable Sinead Kissane from TV3 (She of the Eddie O’ Sullivan interview fame), we’re getting great coverage this week, John will have to break records much more often.

This piece will air possibly on the news on TV3 at 5:30 and definitely later on Sports Tonight at about ten to twelve or so.

RTE and TG4 Come to Bruff RFC

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Mar 112009

Make your way over to the club tonight if you want to try and get yourself seen throughout the country.

TG4 and RTE are taking some time out to record in the club as part of an up and coming piece on John Hayes and his reaching of the irish caps record this coming saturday.

Filming from about 7:30pm onwards.