Oct 212007

Over the last two months, our hit rate and popularity has been on an increase of about 10-20% a week. A nice gradual increase that has been very pleasing to those of us behind the scenes here. It helps greatly that you like what we are doing. and spurs us on to do even more and to keep the content fresh and updated more often. For five or six consecutive days last week we had a large increase in hits, resulting in our being listed as Number three on the Irish Blogs list of sports blogs every day for the last week. (Just Behind “My Anfield” which was number two, “Arseblog” the Arsenal fans site is Number one, absolutely massive and way out of reach to us ordinary mortals, but we’re well ahead of quite a few prominent sports blogs including one from a well known Radio Sports Columnist.) We haven’t even hit AIL time yet, which historically has been our crazy time, along with Heineken Cup and international weekends.
We’d just like to say a big thank you to all of you for dropping in whether it’s once a month, once a week or once or twice a day (there’s more than one of you logging on over 5 times some days, thanks for your loyalty and for adding us to your RSS feeds. )

We’ve been trying to increase the amount of information going up on the site by spreading the load over a few people and there is some fine posting being done by the lads involved with the J1 and J2 ‘s who produce their own match reports, as well as our new fixtures sec. who updates the site as and when he gets new fixtures information. To all of these guys I wish to say thanks, and keep up the good work. There’s more coming, The Under-age section will be updating regularly in the very near future and The Tickets information will be kicking off once we get into H.Cup and International Season.

Keep logging in.

By the way for those interested, here’s a breakdown of the countries that we’re getting hits from. I’ve only listed those that have more than ten visits by the way. Last weeks worth. (P.S. Dell is listed as U.S. as far as I can tell).

The columns are as follows: Flag, Country, country code, individual unique hits, total pages read, total amount downloaded and finally a graph showing those three columns.

us United States us 7712 37076 300.17 MB Pages: 7712
Hits: 37076
Bandwidth: 300.17 MB
ie Ireland ie 1913 14125 103.22 MB Pages: 1913
Hits: 14125
Bandwidth: 103.22 MB
eu European Union eu 908 3846 23.78 MB Pages: 908
Hits: 3846
Bandwidth: 23.78 MB
de Germany de 437 783 12.46 MB Pages: 437
Hits: 783
Bandwidth: 12.46 MB
gb Great Britain gb 387 3489 28.15 MB Pages: 387
Hits: 3489
Bandwidth: 28.15 MB
Unknown Unknown ip 234 731 5.80 MB Pages: 234
Hits: 731
Bandwidth: 5.80 MB
ca Canada ca 148 291 4.49 MB Pages: 148
Hits: 291
Bandwidth: 4.49 MB
au Australia au 127 867 5.92 MB Pages: 127
Hits: 867
Bandwidth: 5.92 MB
nl Netherlands nl 111 330 3.89 MB Pages: 111
Hits: 330
Bandwidth: 3.89 MB
at Austria at 50 51 1.76 MB Pages: 50
Hits: 51
Bandwidth: 1.76 MB
cn China cn 41 72 764.96 KB Pages: 41
Hits: 72
Bandwidth: 764.96 KB
my Malaysia my 34 34 0 Pages: 34
Hits: 34
Bandwidth: 0
za South Africa za 32 258 2.33 MB Pages: 32
Hits: 258
Bandwidth: 2.33 MB
fr France fr 30 400 2.54 MB Pages: 30
Hits: 400
Bandwidth: 2.54 MB
be Belgium be 24 116 1.03 MB Pages: 24
Hits: 116
Bandwidth: 1.03 MB
es Spain es 18 348 1.96 MB Pages: 18
Hits: 348
Bandwidth: 1.96 MB
ar Argentina ar 11 155 1.00 MB Pages: 11
Hits: 155
Bandwidth: 1.00 MB
jp Japan jp 10 40 287.16 KB


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