Nov 172007

Yet Again the best defence in the AIL keeps opponents try less. and then on what was one of the dirtier days for rugby, we manage three or four minutes into injury time to get the bonus point with a try by Supersub John Hogan following a staunch ten minute defence by Nenagh. No conversions, No Penalties, Strong Scrum, Lineout fine, Camped in the Nenagh half for 90% of the game, in the Nenagh 22 for most of that even. Only massive defending by Nenagh managed to keep the scoreline under control from their point of view although to be fair they looked dangerous on their occasional foray into the Bruff side as the scoreline was so tight.  A 10 – 0 lead at half time against a strong breeze looked ominously like a whitewash but then thems the breaks.

Anywayhow, this puts us on top of the League table at last on Score difference with 19 out of a possible 20 league points. It also means that we have the lowest point score against us in all three divisions. I’ll get a better match report up tomorrow after Thomond Park. I’ll even get a look at some of the pics maybe and see if any are “Keepers”.


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