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The Hairless Wonder Joins Monty’s Mission

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Mar 312016

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 22.12.53For several years now, Bruff has had a follicly-challenged wonder on the wing in the form of Mark ‘Cossie’ Cosgrove, a player that has become so much a part of the furniture at the club that you would almost forget on occasion that he is a reformed townie.

With his enviable strength and total absence of hair, Cossie has been something of an anti-Samson since he joined the club in his early 20s. At least he tells us he was in his early 20s, his perpetually shaved dome makes it almost impossible to put an age on him. He could literally have been drawing the old-age pension when he joined Bruff and we wouldn’t know.

However, in recent weeks we’ve been seeing a newer, hairier side to Cossie. It all started on the bus home from our victory against Midleton in February, when the point was raised that not one of us had ever seen Cossie with anything less than an impeccably shaved head. We had all wondered for years about the colour of his hair, where exactly his hairline started or whether indeed he had a hairline.

After a rapid fire round of berating from the rest of the bus, Cossie eventually agreed to refrain from cutting the hair on his scalp and face until such a time as our season ends, which hopefully won’t be for another few weeks yet. He did so, however, on the condition that his re-entry into the world of hair growth would be used to raise funds for a worthwhile cause.

Thankfully we didn’t have to look far for our cause, as our friend Monty Tierney – who normally drives the Bruff team bus to games – will shortly be undergoing treatment that will require him to stay in Dublin for some time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 22.02.04For several years Monty has delivered us, safely and on time, to games at each corner of the country. He has somehow managed to always keep a smile on his face on the way home also, as we perform murderous renditions of songs, request frequent toilet breaks and act like oversized and undisciplined schoolboys.

Monty is as keen a Bruff supporter as you’d find and has continued to attend our games, even though his illness has prevented him from driving us to away fixtures in recent months. We’d like to repay the support and patience he has shown us over the years with a little support in return.

With that in mind, at this weekend’s game against Dundalk in Kilballyowen, we’re going to have buckets out in the clubhouse into which you can throw whatever size donation you wish to help Monty meet the costs of his stay in Dublin. You’ll have the thrill of seeing a newly hairy Cossie kitting out on the field and you can help us give a little support to one of our own in return after the game.

In addition to our efforts, Clancy’s Bar is also running a fundraiser on April 24th, the details of which can be found by looking up the event ‘Monty’s Mission’ on Facebook. Our game this weekend against Dundalk takes place at 2.30pm in Kilballyowen. Your support on and off the field is very much appreciated.

John ‘Scutchy’ Hogan

Senior XV vs. Midleton

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Jan 292016

The firsts take on Midleton tomorrow in Cork in the Ulster Bank league. Kick off is at 2.30pm. The team lines out as follows: 1.Davy Horan 2.Johnny Hogan 3.Brendan Keogh 4.Barry Laffan 5.Mikey Cooke 6.Cillian Rea 7.Mikey Carroll 8.Paddy Clery 9.Davy O’Grady 10.Tony Cahill 11.Paidi Kilcoyne 12.Darragh Mulcahy 13.Tom Callaghan 14.Graham Whelan 15.Declan Bannon Subs – Keith Laffan, Brian Morrissey, Neilus Keogh, Kevin Madigan, Sean Darcy.

Bruff XV vs. Old Crescent

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Dec 112015

The first XV welcome Old Crescent this evening (Friday) to Kilballyowen in the second leg of our mid-season double against our Limerick rivals. Crescent clinched victory at the death last week with a drop goal in the final minute of the game to sneak a two-point victory and they will bring a large travelling support with them. With that in mind, we would like to see as large a home support as possible this evening for this crucial Ulster Bank League fixture. Kick off is at 7.45pm

The Bruff team lines out as follows 1.Davy Horan 2.Johnny Hogan 3.Keith Laffan 4.Barry Laffan 5.Sean Hartigan 6.Cillian Rea 7.Miket Carroll 8.Jake Considine 9.Davy O’Grady 10.Tony Cahill 11.Mark Cosgrove 12.Sean Darcy 13.Brian Cahill 14.Graham Whelan 15.Declan Bannon Bench: Shane Breen, Neilus Keogh, Danny Keogh, Darragh Mulcahy, Barry Enright.

Bruff XV vs. Sligo

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Nov 262015

The first XV take on Sligo in the latest round of the Ulster Bank League this coming Saturday at 2.30 in Kilballyowen Park. A big crowd would be appreciated to help the seniors carry on their momentum from the last game, which resulted in a victory against Wanderers. The team lines out as follows 1.Davy Horan 2.Johnny Hogan 3.Brendan Keogh 4.Barry Laffan 5.Mikey Cooke 6.Cillian Rea 7.Mikey Carroll 8.Paddy Clery 9.Davy O’Grady 10.Tony Cahill 11.Paudi Kilcoyne 12.Sean Darcy 13.Brian Cahill 14.Mark Cosgrove 15.Graham Whelan. Bench: Keith Laffan, Kevin Madigan, Ger O’Connell, Barry Enright, Darragh Mulcahy, Jake Considine.

Senior XV vs UCC

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Nov 192015

The first team takes on UCC tomorrow evening, Friday, in Bruff at 7.30pm. Although this is both sides’ first outing in this year’s Munster Senior Cup it is also the first of many times that Bruff will play UCC for the Alfie Laffan Memorial Trophy in memory of our former second row. Please come and support the team as well as help commemorate our former team-mate Alfie Laffan.

The team lines out as follows: 1.Brendan Keogh 2.Johnny Hogan 3.Keith Laffan 4.Barry Laffan 5.Kevin Madigan 6.Cillian Rea 7.Mikey Cooke 8.Jake Considine 9.Davy O’Grady 10.Tony Cahill 11.Paudi Kilcoyne 12.Sean Darcy 13.Brian Cahill 14.Barry Enright 15.Graham Whelan