Feb 122008

By my own calculations (and I’ve only been able to go back to 2000 on the IRFU Website so far, and even these are a little hairy due to a tabling error on the site in that year and the previous one) the record for lowest points against in any season is held by Instonians in Division 3 during the 2002-2003 season with 120 points against them for the full 15 games.

Next in line are Young Munsters, (2005-2006, Div. 2) and Greystones (2004-2005, Div. 3) both tied on 136 points against them.

I’m currently trying to source tables for any previous seasons, but beyond the changeover to the current league setup they might not have any value. I’ll let ye know when I come across any further information.

We currently stand in top place at 45 against with Banbridge in second place on 80 against, Third place held by Mick Lynch’s Young Munsters in Division 2 on 86 points. Looks like the previous “Points against” record could be broken by a couple of teams this year. It’ll probably go down in AIL annals as “The year of the Defence”. It’ll definitely go down in ours, no matter how it pans out in the last four games.


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  1. I have linked to it already in the “Twelve months straight” article Tom.

    Edit: Keep this stuff coming Tom, I often miss these.

  2. For the statisticians amongs us, look at the foolowing IRFU article. Some interesting facts and figures that does Bruff RFC proud.


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